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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Ultrasonic thickness gauge working principle:

The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe reaches the measured object and traverses through the object. When reaching the back end of the object, the ultrasonic pulse is reflected back to the probe, and the thickness of the measured material is determined by precisely measuring the traversing time of the ultrasonic wave through the material.

TIME Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauge for over 30 years. Our portable digital thickness gages are able to accurately check the thickness of metal (like steel, casting iron, aluminum, copper) plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, and other any other good ultrasonic wave conductor. They can also monitor pipelines and pressure vessels in production line, and monitor their corrosion degree during using. Our handheld ultrasonic thickness gauges are widely used for non-destructive testing and inspection in a wide range of industries like Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, etc.

We supply multi-functional high tech thickness gauges with some features listed as follows.

TIME®2132 : Anti-high-temperature reaching up to 300°C

TIME®2134: Equipped with TSTU32 transducer for casting iron

TIME®2136: Measure through painted or coated surfaces using a dual element style transducer in echo-echo mode.

TIME®2430: Echo-echo testing mode to measure through painted or coated surfaces and measure Nodularity in Cast Iron as well



500℃ Steam Pipe thickness test500℃ Tank thickness measurementGrey Cast Iron thickness testCurved Surface thickness testvalve thickness testSteel Tanker thickness determination

  500 Steam Pipe           500℃ Tank                Grey Cast Iron Test        Curved Surface                 Valve Glass               Steel Tanker


Thickness check of pressure pipelines Monitoring of wall thickness of vessels easy to corrode such as oilcans

                Thickness check of pressure pipelines                                     Monitoring of wall thickness of vessels easy to corrode such as oilcans


Thickness monitoring of pressure vessels such as boilers Corrosion check of ship walls and bottom

      Thickness monitoring of pressure vessels such as boilers                                        Corrosion check of ship walls and bottom

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