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NDT Russia 2017 Exhibition


We played a short visit to our Russian agents from 22nd to 29th in October and also attended the NDT Russia 2017 Exhibiton held there.

As a leading manufacturer of industry testing equipments, Our TIME brand products especially surface roughness tester had been well recognized by Russian users in various industries. 2017 We had achieved a great success during the win-win collaboration with our Russian distributors. For the next year, we proposed several solutions to enhance our products’ competitive advantage in the Russian market. Firstly, we will add Russian language in our products. Secondly, we are accelerating the developing of new testing instruments, for example, Shore hardness Tester 5430, Bench Hardness Tester 6356, etc. Last but not least, we as manufacturer will provide more marketing support for all our agents.

time testing instruments in Russia


Our stand at NDT Russia 2017 Exhibiton had showcased all of our state-of-the-art hard testers, surface roughness testers, coating thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors, etc.


TIME Group at NDT Russia 2017


TIME testing instruments showcased at NDT Russia 2017

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