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TIME testing instruments applied in Transportation and Package Platemaking Industries


1. Appliactions in Transportation Industry

During the quality control or maintenance of road safety guardrail or lamppost, it is essential to check their thickness and coating thickness. According to the transportation industry standards in China, the thickness of road guardrail should be 3mm or 4mm. The Zinc coating for anti corrosion should be at least 85 μm. In this case, it is recommended to use TIME2136 or TIME2430 ultrasonic thickness gauge with echo-echo mode to measure through coated surface. Meanwhile, our ferrous coating thickness gauge is suitable for inspecting the Zinc coating on guardrail. 


thickness measurement of road safety guardrail measuring thickness through coated surface


2. Applications in Package Platemaking Industry

In the package plate making industry, three measuring equipments are basically required, that is ultrasonic hardness tester, surface roughness tester and coating thickness gauge. As is known to all, copper plating and chrome plating are two essential processes of plate making. Firstly, there is hardness requirement both for the copper plating and chrome plating. Thus a digital ultrasonic hardness tester is needed to check their hardness in the factory. Secondly, a surface roughness tester is required to make sure the surface of the plate roller is qualified for engraving. Finally, the thickness of copper plating or chrome coating should also reach the requirement of processing. So coating thickness gauge is also a must-have tool for plate making factories.


time 3200 checking the surface of plate roller package plate making

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