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New Product: Integrated Leeb Hardness Tester TIME510D


TIME®510D is an updated version of TIME5120 Leeb Hardeness Tester, the cheapest and most popular leeb hardness tester manufacturer by TIME. It is portable and integrated with universal impact device D. Compared to TIME5120, the new product has been optimized in both outlook and functions.


integrated hardness tester TIME510D


1. Outlook

● A totally new appearance with industrial style.

 Solved the problem that the rubber paint of TIME5120 is sticky and hard to clean after continuous usage.

 Redesign the silicone physical buttons.

 Add a lanyard to greatly enhance the portability of this testing tool.

2. Functions

 The display is changed from LCD without backlight to OLED screen, high brightness, high contrast and clear reading even in dim environment.

 Bluetooth is added to connect with Bluetooth printer and Bluetooth mobile phone (Android system).

 When connected to a Bluetooth mobile phone, it is convenient to set the parameters, read the measurement data or historical data on the phone.

 For setting the parameters, new options such as hardness conversion tables, auto save, auto elimination of coarse error are added.

 Data storage of 100 groups is supported (only can be read by mobile phone APP).


Features of TIME510D integrated hardness tester

 Excellent portability for testing anywhere anytime.

 OLED display that can read measuring values clearly in dark environment.

 Real-time measurement data can be printed out via Bluetooth wireless printer

 The instrument parameters can be set through the mobile terminal APP.

 Software calibration

 Rechargeable lithium battery, with charging indicator.

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