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  • Product Name: Double Speed Metallographic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine YMP-2B


In the metallographic sample preparation, pre-grinding, polishing and grinding are the indispensable procedures. This machine is produced with ABS sewage collection plate and cover and is the latest product with a new and beautiful appearance, which can endure long time and is easy to maintain. Only to change the grinding and polishing disc, it can do coarse grinding, fine grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding, etc. In order to expand preparation demands of different samples, the size of the disc is larger than the same products in the market. There are more choices of different linear velocity on the working range, can increase 20-30% of effective working range, can improve the grinding and polishing quality of samples. This machine rotates steadily with low noise, and therefore it is the ideal equipment for metallographic sample preparation.


Technical Specifications

Grinding and Polishing Disc Diameter


Abrasive Paper Diameter


Rotating Speed

500r/min, 1000r/min


YS7124, 0.55kw, 380V, 50Hz




58 kg

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