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  • Product Name: Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester TIME®6102

TIME®6102 digital rockwell hardness tester has large screen to directly read the values. 


● Newly-designed large displaying screen with good reliability, easy to operate and read

● Conversion of common hardness scales

● Transfer to PC for more further management, and connect to printer

● Conform to ISO6508-2 and ASTM E18 standards.


Usage Range

Hardened steel, the tempering steel, steel, steel rolling, annealing cold malleable iron, aluminum alloy, copper and so on.


The tester conforms to the following standard:

ISO6508-2, metallic materials - rockwell hardness test - part 2: verification and calibration of testing machines

ASTM E18, standard test methods for rockwell hardness and rockwell superficial hardness of metallic materials.


Standard Delivery


Diamond rockwell indenter

1 pc

ф1.5875mm ball indenter

1 pc

Testing table (big, medium, "V"-shaped)

TOTAL 3 pcs

Standard rockwell hardness block


Fuse 2A

2 pc

Power cable

1 pc

Weight A,B,C

TOTAL 3 pcs


1 pc

Horizontal regulating screws

4 pcs


1 pc


1 pc

Printer operating manual

1 pc

Usage Instruction Manual

1 pc


 Technical Specifications

The initial test force

98.07N (10kg); Tolerance: ± 2.0%

The total test force

588.4N(60kg), 980.7N(100kg), 1471N(150Kg); Tolerance: ± 1.0%

The power source

AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz

Time-delayed control

2-60 seconds, adjustable

The max. height of the specimen

175 mm

The distance from the indenter center to the instrument body


The overall dimension of the tester


The net weight of the tester



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