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  • Product Name: Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester TH710/711

TH710/711 digital micro vickers hardness tester adopts unique and precise design in mechanics, optics and electrics to achieve clearer indentation and better accuracy. After measuring the indentation, press the button on the digital microscope, it will automatically show the hardness value. There is no need to input the diagonal length. TH710/711 digital micro vickers hardness tester conforms to GB/T4340, ISO6507, JIS B7725 and ASTME92 standards. 


● Unique and precise design in mechanics, optics and light source for clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement.

● 10 × lens and a 40 × lens the tester enable a wider measurement field and a broader usage range.

● Equipped with a digital microscope, it shows the measuring method, test force, diagonal length of indentation, hardness value, dwell time and the times of measurement.

● TH711: equipped with auto turret to prevent maloperation.

● Automatic loading and unloading technique

● Conform to GB/T4340, ISO6507, JIS B7725 and ASTME92 standards.


Standard Delivery



6 pcs

Weight axis

1 pc

A cross testing table

1 pc

A platelet fixture

1 pc

A plane-holding fixture

1 pc

A filament fixture

1 pc

Screw drivers

2 pcs

Horizontal regulation screws

4 pcs

A level

1 pc

An electric cave

1 pc

Repair fuses (1A)

2 pcs

An eyepiece

1 pc

Vickers hardness blocks

2 pcs

Usage instruction manual 

1 pc

  Technical Specifications

Testing range


Test force


Optical system

Carriage application method

automatic loading and unloading




Measuring Eyepiece



Total Amplification

100×( Observation )

400×( Observation )

Resolution Rate



Max height of the specimen

100 mm

Distance between the point of the indenter and the exterior panel

98 mm

Gross weight


Net weight

30 kg

Power source

AC220V/110V, 60/50 Hz

Dimension (mm)


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