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Applications in colleges and universities

Date:2018年5月21日 10:38

Colleges and universities usually have research labs, which require advanced high-end metrology instruments. Based on the cooperation with different colleges and universities all these years, we have mastered some skills in reaching the target customers in these organizations.

1. College Types

Mechanical & Electronical College:

     Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

     Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

     Mechanical Design

School of Materials:

     Material Science

     Material Processing Engineering

     Polymers and Composites

School of Transportation:

     Road and Railway Engineering


Vocational-technical school
Machining; Automotive

2. Testing Instrumets Needed

Mechanical & ElectronicalCollege

hardness tester for measuring the workpiecebefore processing; surface roughness tester; ultrasonic flaw detector

School of Materials
surface roughness tester; hardness tester (measuring the hardness of coated surface); coating thickness gauge; ultrasonic thickness gauge(measuring composite
School of Transportation
hardness tester; coating thickness gauge(measuring the coated surface of road and bridge facilities);  ultrasonic thickness gauge(measuring through coated surface),
ultrasonic flaw detector
Vocational-technical school
flaw detector (ultrasonic, magnetic powder); ultrasonic thickness gauge

3. Information Sources

Former customersfollow-up phone call, regular visits to provide after-sales services)
Teachers’ recommendation
Cooperate with industry distributorsUsually they will require quotations when there are tenders)
School website (Find the contact information of teachers in charge of labs or research projects, newly established schools)
Online advertisement


4. Applications

surface roughness tester for Lab of gear machining 

Surface Roughness Teste for Lab of Gear Machining


rockwell hardness tester

Rockwell Hardness Testers for a Chemical Technology University


surface roughness tester and bench hardness tester for lab

Surface roughness tester and bench hardness tester for Surface Stress Testing Laboratory

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