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New TIME2510 Coating Thickness Gauge with Separated N/NF Probe
The new version of TIME2510 coating thickness gauge is coming soon. It separates the F/NF probe from the main unit, which extends its application range to access to narrow space.
How to distinguish original TIME instruments from fake ones?
We have placed much importance on the quality of our products. That’s why we got so many honors and awards. However, there are also a lot of fake TIME products, which hurt both the interests of our cu
Noncontact Infrared Thermometer for Medical is Available for Sale
Our new product infrared thermometer for body temperature is available for sale.
New Equipment: Shore D Hardness Tester and Measuring Platform
Two new products are released for sale now.
Metallographic Equipment Updated
We have never stopped our efforts to improve our products. Recently, our upgraded metallographic equipment goes online, including sample cutting machine, grinding and polishing machine, and sample mou
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