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2023 TIME Products Application Prize

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2023 TIME Products Application Prize

Overseas Market



In 2023, we will hold an award competition for the application of TIME products in overseas market, and collect videos, graphic materials and other works of the field application of TIME products for all overseas agents, distributors and end users. Specific requirements and selection methods are as follows:


Form of entry: Image Text or Video

1- Image Text:

a. TIME Instruments field application pictures (HD), the quantity more than 3pcs;

b. The text description of the measurement pictures shall include the description of the workpiece, the description of the measurement requirements, the description of the standard, etc.;

c. The picture contains the factory site as the background, highlighting the characteristics of the application industry;

d. The description contains measurement standards, user measurement requirements and other information;


2- Video:

a. Field application operation video (2~10 minutes);

b. The video reflects the product model and measurement configuration;

c. Make a simple explanation of the measurement process in the native language in the

video; And submission with text description;

d. If the video is long, submit multiple short videos;

e. Show the application industry in the video;


Bonus points in the selection:

a. The graphic works include detailed drawings of the measurement process and text explanation;

b. Complete video works with complete text description;

c. The picture or video background of the work can reflect the characteristics of the industry: Automobile/Aviation/Oil and Gas/Machinery, etc.;

d. Videos or pictures in which the user appears;

e. The works reflect the user's company name or LOGO;

f. Works contained medium and high-end products: TIME3221/3233/3234/5630/2190/7240 / desktop hardness tester/ testing machine, etc.

g. With complex workpiece measurement;



Award setting: (Prize + Certificate)

First Prize (Quantity 1): Apple iPad Pro ($1,000);

Second Prize (Quantity 2): Apple HomePod ($350);

Third Prize (Quantity 3): Apple AirPods ($200);


(The winner may choose to use the prize money to purchase TIME products


Election date: February 13th to March 31st, 2023

The result will be released on April 15th, 2023. All the winning works will be published on the official website of the TIME at Http://


TIME has the right to use all entries application files, once again we thank you for your business and support.




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Feb. 13th , 2023

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