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ARAB LAB The Expo 2017

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In March, 2007, we attended ARAB LAB The Expo as exhibitor together with our Arab distributors at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted four days from 20th to 23rd. During the exhibition, we showcased our latest products of this year as Surface Roughness Tester TIME®3100, Portable Hardness Tester TIME®5310, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2110, Coating Thickness Gauge TIME®2510, TT100, Rebar Locator TC110, Coating Thickness Gauge TIME®2500, Portable Hardness Tester TIME®5100, Vibration Pen TIME®7120, etc.


This five-day trip was short yet fruitful. We not only achieved deeper communication with our distributors in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, etc, but also enhanced our cooperation with our UAE partners. In the future, we seek to explore more business opportunities and partnerships in the Middle East.