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Application in Automotive Mold & Stamping Parts

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1. Surface roughness measurement

TIME3221/TIME3223 surface roughness tester are ideal tools to check the roughness of automotive moulds. With the help of a magnetic base, it is easy to test the specimen in any orientation.

TIME3221 checking the roughness of automotive moulds


2. Hardness Measurement

For the mould body, TIME53XX portable leeb hardness testers are the best choices. For the hardness testing of the harden layer of R angle, our TIME5620 ultrasonic hardness tester can quickly and accurately perform the measurements.

Leeb hardness tester measuring car moulds TIME5620 ultrasonic hardness tester measuring car moulds


3. Thickness Measurement

Stamping parts (sheet or roll) are thin metal. TIME2170 ultrasonic thickness gauge are suitable to check their thickness. 

TIME 2170 measuring thickness of car sheet metal


For the critical thickness measurement of R Angle, we have TIME2190 thickness gauge to tackle the challenge. 

TIME2190 TIME2190 ultrasonic thickness gauge