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Applications of TIME5630 UCI hardness tester

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Like the Leeb hardness tester, the ultrasonic hardness tester is a portable hardness tester. It is a measuring instrument that indirectly measures the indentation size and converts the hardness value through the calculation of other physical quantities.
The principle of the Leeb hardness tester is the rebound method, and the principle of the ultrasonic hardness tester is the ultrasonic contact impedance method.
The vibrating rod with a specific indenter at the end is excited to make longitudinal ultrasonic vibration, and the indenter is pressed into the surface of the test piece with a certain test force, the longitudinal vibration of the vibrating rod will be impedance, the resonance frequency will change, and the hardness value will be this frequency. Changes get.

Applications: Measurable workpiece locations include belt/plate measurement, die hardened layer measurement, blade hardened layer measurement, tooth surface hardened layer measurement, flange edge measurement, wheel, turbine rotor measurement, sheet measurement, shaft and Measurement of pipes and containers, measurement of knife edge position, measurement of welded parts, etc.