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Flaw Detection of Ceramic Insulators in Power Industry

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Flaw detection of ceramic insulators is a standard requirement in power industry, because insulators are expected to withstand high voltages, high temperatures and lighting. Thus they have to be tested before installation and still must be tested periodically to replace faulty ones before they could cause problems. TIME1150 ultrasonic flaw detector is well suited for checking the insulators. It has a 5.7 inch screen to clearly display the waves. The wide measuring range from 1-10000 mm can meet the majority needs. More importantly, TIME1150 flaw detector has a precise and stable performance with horizontal linearity accuracy 0.1% and vertical linearity accuracy 2%.

More Features of TIME1150 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

● DAC、AVG 、DGS curves and defect echo help to evaluate defect equivalent calculation.

● Simultaneous display of high resolution A-scan and B-scan waveform.

● Four ways to present waveform: positive half-wave, negative half- wave, full wave and radio frequency.

● Automatic gain adjustment, defect equivalent calculation and peak memory function.

● Two individual gates setting and alarming function.

● Gate measurement includes echo amplitude, beam path, depth, projection and so on.

● Waveform freeze available:in full, peak, comparative and envelope ways.

● 50 detecting channels are available with separate detecting parameters and DAC (Distance Amplitude Correction) curves in every channel.

● Adjustable high performance square wave pulse generator

● Three detecting modes(single-probe, dual crystal probe and transmission) with automatic calibration function.

● Connected to PC via USB interface with advanced software for data analysis and management.

● Super large memory, 1000 waveform and 4X2000 frame dynamic waveform diagrams can be stored, with the function of storage, checkout and review of channel, waveform, dynamic records.

● Flaw detection report printable.

As a result, recently a power company purchased a few sets of TIME1150 digital flaw detector from us.