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High-end Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME2190 is Coming

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According to the R&D department of TIME Group Inc., high-end Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME2190 is under final test and will be soon available. TIME®2190 portable thickness gauge is a state-of-the-art thickness gauge which is designed to test the wall thickness and corrosion of various kinds of plates, pipes, boilers, vessels, widely applied in industries like metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, petroleum, aerospace, aviation, electric power, nuclear energy, oil and gas pipelines, boiler inspection, pressure vessels and others, which plays an important role in quality control.



⚫ A scan and B scan, various single and dual crystal probes with different methods for multiple complicated application

⚫ Suitable for wide range measurement while keeping high accuracy

⚫ I-E testing mode, T-E testing mode, E-E testing mode with coating

⚫ 320x240 color LCD, TF card, large storage of 500 file with 1000 data and waveform for each

⚫ WIFI, USB interface

⚫ Sound alarm and different modes are available