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Measuring Surface Waviness in Automotive Industry

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As the latest high-end surface measuring equipment developed by TIME Group Inc., TIME 323X are loaded with many new features. For example, the measuring range is increased to ±400μm. The accuracy is improved to ±5%. However, the biggest breakthrough for TIME 323X lies in that it supports skidless measurement in addition to traditional skidded measurement. That means TIME 323X can not only measure surface roughness but also waviness and primary profile. 
A skidded surface tester measures surface with reference to a skid travelling along with the stylus. In this case, surface waviness and profile cannot be measured exactly. In skidless measurement, surface features are measured relative to an internal precision surface. This enables skiddless gages to be used for measuring waviness and form, in addition to roughness.
In automotive industry, surface waviness directly affects the surface appearance of sheet metal after painting. So the production of high-quality sheets needs the control of waviness in the sheet surface. And TIME 323X surface roughness tester can easily and accurately check surface waviness on-site. During our project with Volkswagen, TIME 323X surface roughness tester fully meets with their requirements of “Surface Waviness Inspection of Outer Car Body Panel PV1054”. We also conform to the standard "Automotive Steel Sheet Surface Waviness Testing Method" by the Society of Automotive Engineering in China.