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New Surface Roughness Waveness Tester TIME3234 Coming Soon

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After a year's R&D, our new surface roughness waveness tester TIME3234 is coming soon, expected to be available for sale in March, 2019. TIME3234 surface waveness tester is the first product of TIME Group that has installed LINIX operataion system and has a cutting-edge performance. Firstly, its measuring range is up to 1000μm and the maximum tracing length is 50mm, thus TIME3234 can easily measure the surface waveness. Secondly, it is equipped with 12 special pickup for different applications. Thirdly, the evaluation length can be set according to your requirements. Last but not least, TIME3234 surface waveness tester supports online roughness measurement. All these features make TIME3234 the most powerful roughness tester from TIME Group Inc..