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TIME Cloud Plan
2022-05-20 10:42
In 2021, Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. launched a key project - "Cloud Plan" for the purpose of building a platform for industrial intelligent detection.
New Pickup TIMES247 Released to Greatly Reduce Your Cost
TIMES247 replaceable pickup is a roughness sensor with the stylus that can be detached separately. The stylus and the sensor body are connected by magnetic attraction.
TIME Testing Instruments Application Cases
TIME portable testing instruments are widely applied in machinery, metallurgy, automobile, petrochemical, electric power, aerospace, pressure vessels, universities, vocational education and other industries, and are suitable for on-site testing and in-service testing.
TIME Cloud Platform Leeb Hardness Tester TIME5370 Is Officially Launched.
TIME5370 is a smart probe which can test Leeb hardness by connecting to a mobile phone (currently limited to Android). It represents the first step that TIME Group Inc. goes towards the Clould Measurement Technology and Internet of Things.
Participate in the Formulation of National Standards and Lead High-quality Development
Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. attended the National Standard Approval Meeting organized by the National Steel Standardization Technical Committee in Shenzhen City.
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