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Online Leeb Hardness Testing Project in Automotive Factory

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Established in 1984, TIME Group Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of testing instruments in China for 35 years. We have never stopped our efforts to provide better products and better solutions to our customers. Guangqi Honda has been our loyal client for several years. As is known to all, Guangqi Honda is a famous brand of automotive, which needs various testing equipment for quality control. When they requested for online Leeb hardness testing systems, our company quickly responded and successfully developed an online Leeb hardness testing system based on their requirements. This system greatly improves the efficiency of hardness testing in their factories.

This is just one example of our customized solutions. Through the feedbacks from our customers, we also found that automatic testing is a trend. To embrace such a trend and enhance our advantages in competition, TIME Group Inc. are developing automatic testing products, for example, flaw detecting robots. It is not a hard object to achieve, since TIME Group Inc. has its own Robot company. We believe we will see these new products in the near future.