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Our Indian Representative Visited Time Group Inc.

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On March 14th, top leader of our Indian Distributor Samon visited TIME Group Inc. As a loyal distributor of TIME testing instruments for so many years, Samon visited TIME Group from time to time and has already become an old friend of us.
Before the official meeting, we introduced our new testing instruments to Samon. The accurate testing results and convenient operations were highly recognized by him. Then we talked about the current situation of the Indian market and proposed several marketing strategies to help him enhance Indian market development. In the near future, he planned to set up a TIME office in India and employ more stuff to sell TIME testing instruments.
At the end of the meeting, Samon also expressed his gratitude to TIME Group for the reliable quality and excellent services. Samon said that he always shared the same vision with TIME Group and every time after deep communication, we would move further together.