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Participate in the Formulation of National Standards and Lead High-quality Development

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From December 1st to 2nd, Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. attended the National Standard Approval Meeting organized by the National Steel Standardization Technical Committee in Shenzhen City. This meeting aimed to review the National Standardization Guidance Technical Document of the "Design Guidelines for Multiaxial Fatigue Tests of Metallic Materials" and the National Standards for "Multiaxial Fatigue Testing of Metallic Materials, Axial-Torsion Strain Control Method". The attendees included 101 mechanics subcommittee members, observers and experts from 65 manufacturing companies, research institutes, universities, industry associations, testing and certification institutions and etc.
The mechanical properties of metals reflect the ability of metal materials to resist deformation or damage under various external forces, and it is closely related to the failure mode of the material. These properties include elasticity and stiffness, strength, plasticity, hardness, impact toughness, fracture toughness and fatigue strength, etc, which are extremely important indexes to measure the performance of materials. With the rapid development of technology, the test methods have undergone great changes. Our company actively participates in the standard review of the Steel Standards Committee, and actively adopts international standards in product development. For example, our newly-released TIME6166 Rockwell hardness tester with dolphin indenter conforms to the latest ISO6508:2015 standard. The newly-updated portable mechanical performance tester meets the latest ISOTR29381 standard. They represent the high-quality upgrade of our company's mechanical products.
During the meeting, we communicated face-to-face with the experts and engineers from Special Inspection Institutes, Quality Supervision Institutes, Steel Manufacturers, Metrology Institutes, etc. Some of them showed great interest in our portable mechanical performance tester and planed to cooperate with us.
Throughout the world, testing instruments and equipment used in traditional tensile, impact, torsion, hardness, fatigue and other test methods are developing towards a more precise, accurate, and more portable direction. Various supporting test devices (such as extensometers, fixtures) are gradually in line with international standards. In the near future, we will continue to share our technique and experience in the drafting, verification and approval of various standards organized by the mechanics committee, which include Rockwell, Leeb, Shore, UCI, and rubber hardness testers. Meanwhile, we will strive to lead the company to achieve high-quality development and contribute to the field of material testing in China and the world.