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Portable Hardness Tester

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As the first manufacturer who produced Leeb Hardness Tester in China early in 1984, we have been manufacturing high quality and advanced portable hardness tester since then. Leed hardness tester adopts the dynamic rebound principle to test metal hardness. It is light and easy to carry, thus is the best testing tools for almost any object, especially large work pieces. TIME handheld hardness testers are classified into separated hardness testers and integrated hardness testers (also named pen type hardness tester). The separated hardness tester can be equipped with seven impact devices for different applications as following.
Universal Impact Device D - For the majority of hardness testing requirements.    
DC – Testing hole or inner of cylinder
DL – Test slender narrow groove or hole.
D+15 – Test groove or recessed surface.
C – Test small, light, thin parts and surface of hardened layer.   
G – Test large, thick, heavy and rough surface cast steel.
E - Test super hard materials.
Moreover, we also supply ultrasonic hardness testers for non destructive testing. With all these different kinds of portable hardness testers, you can definitely find the one for your needs.
With 34 years’ experience in this business, our testing instruments have been widely used for metal hardness measurement in Machinery, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Automotive, Aerospace, Pressure Vessel, Building Materials, Scientific Research, Power Generation and other industries.