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Portable Vibration Meter Applications

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1. Equipment Management Industry

1.1 Vibration meters are widely used in the electric-power industry, especially in the thermal power plants for monitoring the status of large generator sets like steam turbines, generators, blowers, induced draft fans, etc, because the operation status of these machines directly impacts the production ability of thermal power plants. For some important and non-stop working machines, portable vibration meters are also needed for quick check and fast diagnosis as a supplement of the on-line real time monitoring systems.

1.2 The steel industry contributes to the second large client of vibration testers. There are different kinds of rotating machines. For example, winches, centrifugal blowers, induced draft fans, slag dischargers, decelerators, etc. Besides, the cooling circulating pump plays a vital role in the normal operation of the boiler and even the safety and stable operation of the entire supporting unit. For example, the mismatch between the drum and the induced wind will cause the boiler to operate at a positive pressure, which may cause explosion. The cooling circulating pump may not be able to supply water normally due to excessive vibration and may cause abnormal boiler operation.

1.3 In addition, the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of continuous operating equipments, so it is also a vibration meter user. Many of the air compressors and electrical appliances need vibration testing to track the machine condition.

1.4 The tobacco industry has advanced automated equipments. It also attaches particular importance to equipment maintenance. The main equipments for vibration measurement are dust blower, air compressor and cigarette processing equipments.

2. Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Different mechanical equipments should conform to relevant industry standards. This includes the quality inspection of machinery and equipment before it leaves the factory.

2.1 The factory of blower and induced draft fan. Blower and induced draft fan should take vibration testing when leaving the factory. In comparison with national standards, we measure whether the vibration of a certain device is excessive or not. (JB/T10391-2002)

2.2 Motor Factory. The two elements that must be assessed before the motor get out of the factory are vibration and noise.

2.3 Bearing manufacturer. Measure the vibration value of large bearings is a must.

In short, portable vibration meters provide a necessary and economical way for the equipment maintenance in modern manufacturing field.


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