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Surface Roughness Tester

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Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. is a top manufacturer of stylus surface roughness tester profiometer worldwide. Different from non-contact surface roughness tester, stylus type inspects the surface profile of a workpiece by traversing across the surface and recording the valleys and peaks. It is portable, accurate, easy to use, and thus applies to shop floor, laboratory, and metrology institutes for surface roughness measurement.

TIME surface testing equipment is diversified. There are handheld economically priced instruments TIME®3100 and TIME®3110 to test Ra/Rz. There are also classical best-seller TIME®3200 and TIME®3221, which support multi parameter measurement with Large LCD display. If you have strict requirements on quality control, our state-of-the art TIME®323X series with accuracy 5% and repeatability 3% meet your needs.

Moreover, TIME®323X surface form testers enable you to test not only surface roughness, but also waviness and primary profile with maximum tracing length reaching 50mm. This is a great breakthrough in surface profile measurement.

Equipped with different pickups, TIME surface roughness tester profilometer can inspect small hole, curved surface, deep groove, extra deep groove, tooth surface, axe-cutter, etc. For more details, please watch the application videos.


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