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TIME Cloud Plan

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Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a professional high-tech enterprise established by relying on the technical advantages of TIME GROUP in the field of testing instruments for many years. The Leeb hardness tester is the first product independently developed by Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. The appearance of this product fills the gap in the domestic portable hardness testing field, becomes a milestone in the history of Leeb hardness testing in China, and has become a pioneer in promoting this product internationally, the products have been selling well since they entered the market, and have always been favored by domestic and foreign customers. In 2020, Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as a single champion cultivation enterprise by the Ministry of Industry.


After years of development and accumulation, Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually developed from a single lining hardness tester to a roughness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge, flaw detector, vibration tester, desktop Hardness tester, Shore hardness tester, ultrasonic hardness tester and automatic online hardness tester system, a total of nine series and nearly 100 models. Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. has a domestic network with extremely high coverage, including a direct sales team and nearly 1,000 agents. At the same time, it has established a huge multinational marketing system, dozens of exclusive agents in the international market, and nearly 100 overseas agents in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.



The intelligent instrument series is an industry-oriented intelligent detection system launched by Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. based on industrial data acquisition, data transmission, cloud storage, cloud computing and industrial AI, relying on the needs of various industries for many years, which is to adapt to the development of the digital economy and implement corporate strategies. This is a masterpiece of the era of transformation.


In 2021, Beijing TIME High Technology Co., Ltd. launched a key project - "Cloud Plan" for the purpose of building a platform for industrial intelligent detection. In this way, the transition from the traditional business model to the Internet business model was opened. The "Cloud Plan" adopts a three-step strategy. The first step is to establish a cloud platform based on the Leeb hardness tester products to realize the connection, management and storage of data on the mobile phone and management display. The second step is to realize the intelligent connection of the company's portable products and even all products of the group's entire industry. The third step is to help other companies to provide digital solutions for different industries and realize the transformation from a manufacturing company to a manufacturing service company. The first phase of the task has been completed in the first quarter of 2021 with the launch of the cloud platform in-type hardness tester. At present, the remaining products are also being launched one after another.


TIME automatic hardness testing system is composed of workpiece automatic online automatic milling, automatic pressing, automatic measurement, automatic path planning and other elements. It combines testing technology with digital technology and automatic control technology to provide industry The digital business and automation upgrade of domestic enterprises have brought "turbo effect", and at the same time, it has brought huge changes to enterprises to improve work efficiency, save labor resources, and reduce costs.


Quality first is the original intention of TIME GROUP that has never changed. The TIME brand is a symbol that generations of people have worked hard to build. As a leading enterprise in the testing instrument industry, it is our responsibility to lead the industry to develop together and gradually narrow the technological gap with developed countries. Continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and contribution of Chinese wisdom and era solutions to the advancement of testing technology in all walks of life are the company's long-term goal and direction.

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