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TIME Testing Instrument has New Partners in Japan

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As is known to all, Japan is famous for its high quality industry products. For testing instruments, it also has some top brands spread all over the world. But TIME is never afraid of competition. In fact, as the first Leeb hardness tester manufacturer in China with 34 years experience in manufacturing of material testing equipments, we are confident in our products and services. We are determined to introduce TIME testing instruments to more Japanese users.


From December 10th to 19th, 2017, our sales manger went to Japan and visited several precision testing instrument distributors in Tokyo and Osaka. Some of them were the biggest agencies of precision testing instruments in Japan with dozens of stores. Others were medium-sized company specialized in selling industrial testing tools. There were also oil and gas companies who showed interest in our coating thickness gauges.


This trip is very successful. After deep communication and better learning of TIME products, the majority of these distributors are ready to sell TIME testing instruments, especially our portable hardness tester, thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, vibration tester, etc.