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Thickness Measurement of Composite Steel Materials

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Composite steel materials, which has carbon steel as the outer layer and stainless steel as the inner layer, are commonly made into oil & gas vessels or pipelines. Thickness measurement is an important way to evaluate the safety performance of these vessels or pipelines. However, it is tough to measure the thickness of both layers using conventional thickness gauges, especially when the workpiece is at work. The difficulties lie in that the boundary signals of the two layers is week and hard to distinguish. Or it is hard to tell whether the test result include the two layers. At this time, what you need is TIME2190, the latest all-in-one thickness guage from TIME Group Inc. 

TIME2190 with A scan is equipped with Clutter Shielding function and Gain Delay Adjustment technology to solve the mentioned problems. It can accurately test the thickness of different steel layers simultaneously. As the pictures show, the total thickness of both layers is 19.41mm read by the caliper. TIME2190 clearly indicates the steel thickness 17.25mm and the stainless steel thickness 2.15mm.