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Visit to Southeast Asian Distributors

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From March 18TH to 27th, the CEO of Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. Mr. Yang and Regional Director Steven paid an official visit to our Key Distributors in Southeast Asia.
The first stop was the Obsnap Instruments in Malaysia. Obsnap Instruments is a leading distributor of quality testing instruments in Malaysia and has been our loyal partners for many years. The leader of Obsnap Instruments analyzed the current economical environment in Malaysia, the feedback from the market and their new sales strategies. TIME CEO Mr. Yang shared the differentiation of TIME testing instruments from its competitors as well as new marketing orientations based on TIME’S successful marketing activities in China.
The second stop was our agent in Singapore. The CEO Mr. Lim is an old friend of TIME Group Inc. He highly recognized TIME’s support in the marketing and advertisement all the time as manufacturer. Meanwhile he proposed some advice and requirements about boosting TIME brand in Singapore and countries nearby. We would respond quickly to his advice and work together to achieve win-win solutions.
At the end of the trip, we arrived at Thailand. Our distributor in Thailand is a big company with more than 100 salesmen. They showed great interest in the industry solutions and application videos that we provide. As experienced salesmen familiar with TIME instruments, they also gave us much advice to improve our products. As manufacturer, we helped them to clearly understand our product positioning and the target users for different products.
Through the face-to-face communications with our distributors, we deepened the understanding and relationship with each other. Although faced with great challenges ahead, both our distributors and we are confident that we will achieve the goal of this year.