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Automatic Spring Tension and Compression Testing Machine TLS-V200
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Automatic Spring Tension and Compression Testing Machine TLS-V200

The automatic spring tension and compression testing machine is made based on the technical requirement of JB/T7796-2005 "spring tension &compression testing machine technology conditions", and is specially set up for the spring testing. It is mainly used to test the strength of a variety of spring and the elastic element. that is to test the test force of the spring when the deformation (or the residual altitude) is fixed.
The loading and control of the testing machine use the servo motor and advanced microcomputer control technology. It realized the high-speed approximation low-speed collection. It improves the accuracy and the efficiency of our testing. This machine can test up to ten test points. The cross beam returns to the initial position as soon as the test completed. The testing data can be stored and printed at any time. It compensates the load sensor deformation automatic. The machine has more function such as overload protection, any clear of the displacement and test force, stiffness counting, limited protection etc.
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Product Details

1. Touch screen display, man-machine conversation is intuitive, easy to operate.

2. Various control mode, realize a variety of control ways such as test force, deformation, displacement.

3. Input the residual altitude of the spring, measure the corresponding test force. It can measure at most 10 points.

4. Input the deformation, measure the test force. It can measure at most 10 points.

5. Input the force value, measure the residual altitude. It can measure at most 10 points.

6. Input the force value, measure the deformation. It can measure at most 10 points.

7. Print the parameter and the stiffness of every test point.

8. Safety protection: overload protection, the beam limit position protection, excess current, overvoltage, overspeed protection etc. 

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Max. test load (N)


Effective range of test force

2%-100% of the full range

The min reading data of test force


Indicating error of test force


Min reading data of displacement


Displacement accuracy

≤±(50+0.15L)µm, note: distance to any position between the pressure plate test(mm)

Loading rate


Effective test space


Plate diameter


Parallelism of plate up and down






Power supply

200VAC±10%  50Hz

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