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TIME THR-150-45DX Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell hardness tester
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TIME THR-150-45DX Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell hardness tester

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Product Details

1. Digital Rockwell hardness tester adopts large sized LCD screen, control panel adopts menu structure, has a good reliability, operability and intuitive.

2. Touch screen interface, easy to operate

3. Ready to work immediately, no need to install weights and run trial

4. Electric loadedclosed-loop control

5. All Rockwell hardness scales, 30 in total

6. 15 kinds of Rockwell scales HRA  HRB  HRC  HRD  HRE  HRF  HRG  HRH HRK  HRL  HRM  HRP HRR  HRS  HRV

7. 15 kinds of superficial Rockwell scales HR15N  HR30N  HR45N  HR15T  HR30T  HR45T HR15W  HR30W HR45W  HR15X  HR30X HR45X  HR15Y  HR30Y  HR45Y

8. This tester can be installed both Rockwell hardness and superficial Rockwell hardness,or either of them.when the tester contain both it can also test plastic hardness.that depends on the need of user.

9. Hints for indenters when the scale is selected, Automatically apply initial and main pressures

10. High, medium, low three sections of hardness values can be automatically corrected

11. Automatic correction of test force. Accuracy raised for an order of magnitude.

12. Password to be set to protect the settings. More specimen and test information

13. Export the test data as EXCEL files in USB flash disk. Modular deigned, easy for maintenance.

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Product model 


Exchanging scales

Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers

Dwell time


Initial load of Rockwell

10kgf (98N)

Total load of Rockwell

60kgf (588.4N) 100kgf (980.7N) 150kgf (1471N)

Initial load of Superficial Rockwell

3kgf (29.4N)

Total load of Superficial Rockwell

15kgf (147.1N) 30kgf (294.2N) 45kgf (441.3N)

Load value error

Less than 0.5%

Hardness testing range

HRA: 20-96 HRB: 20-100 HRC: 20-70 HRD: 40-77 HRE: 70-100 HRF: 60-100 HRG: 30-94

HRH: 80-100  HRK: 40-100  HRL: 50-115  HRM: 50-115 HRR: 50-115

Testing rage of Superficial Rockwell

HR15N: 70-94; HR30N: 42-86; HR45N: 20-77;

HR15T: 67-93; HR30T: 29-82; HR45T: 10-72

Hardness measurement accuracy

0.1 HR

Executive standard

GB/T230.1  GB/T230.2 national standard  JJG112 verification regulation

Max Height of Sample


Distance of Indenter to outer wall


Hardness reading

LCD display

Data output

USB flash disk

Power supply


Net weight

About 70kg

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