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  • TIME rockwell hardness tester, vickers hardness tester, brinell hardness tester
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  • time colorimeter and gloss meter


  • Established in 1984, TIME Group Inc. manufactured the first Leeb hardness tester in China and has been focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of physical characteristic testing instruments for 35 years.
  • Reliable manufacturer of Portable Hardness TesterSurface Roughness TesterUltrasonic Thickness GaugeCoating Thickness GaugeRockwell/Brinell/Vickers Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorVibration Meter, etc.
  • ISO9001 quality system certified since 1995; CE and 3C certified.
  • We owns a National Certified Enterprise's Technology Center and Post-doctoral station.
  • TIME Brand is honored as Chinese Famous Brand.
  • Our Leeb hardness Tester is honored as Single Champion product in China; our company is listed as the first batch of the Single Champion Fostering Enterprises in Manufacturing by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.
  • Our customers conver a wide range of industries like Steel, Military, petroleum machinery, automobile, boiler and pressure vessel, chemical, thermal power plant, aerospace, machine tool, food, scientific institution, academic schools, survey & civil engineering, etc.

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    • Summary:

      TIME3231 portable surface roughness tester is a member of TIME 323X series developed and manufactured by Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.. It represents the state-of-the art portable roughness tester in China and rivals...

    • Summary:

      TIME®2190 portable thickness gauge is the latest high-end ultrasonic thickness gauge developed by TIME Group Inc. It is designed to test the wall thickness and corrosion of various kinds of plates, pipes, boilers, vessel...

    • Summary:

      Portable surface roughness tester TIME3221 is the best-selling surface measurement tools manufactured by TIME Group Inc.. It has user-friendly design, excellent performance and cost-effective price. Equipped with optiona...

    • Summary:

      TIME Group Inc. will attend CIMES 2018 from June 26th to 30th in Peking, China. As the professional solution provider of physical characteristic testing instruments, TIME Group Inc. will showcase the state-of-the-art tes...


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