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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2190 with A/B scan
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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2190 with A/B scan

TIME®2190 is the latest high-end ultrasonic thickness gauge developed by TIME Group Inc. It adopts pulse reflection principle, that is, the transducer sends ultrasonic pulses to travel through the test object and receives the reflection pulse from the backwall of the object. TIME2190 can nondestructively monitor the thickness of almost any material like metals, plastics, composites, fiberglass, ceramics, and glass with A scan/B scan. It is used to test the wall thickness and corrosion of various kinds of plates, pipes, boilers, vessels across industries like metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, aerospace, power, automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing and others.
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Product Details
⚫ A-scan waveform can be displayed for echo analysis and measurement of complex workpiece; 
⚫ Compatible with many types of transducers, both single and dual element transducers;              
⚫ Users can set blanks to shield aftershocks or clutter;                                  
⚫ Echo-echo measures the true metal thickness with ignoring the thickness of coating layer.              
⚫ Thru-coat technology measures metal and nonmetallic coating thickness.        
⚫ Signal auto-amplification function (centered display of the detected echo);       
⚫ Adjustable voltage variable pulse width square wave pulse generator;      
⚫ Single value B-scan display function;                                                          
⚫ Users can turn on fast measurement mode up to 20 times per second;                                      
⚫ Alarm function allows users to set the upper and lower limits of the alarm;                
⚫ Differential, maximum and minimum display mode;                                                              
⚫ Store up to 500,000 measured values and waveforms.
Standard Delivery   Optional Accessory
Main unit 1 Communication cable
5MHz dual crystal probe  1 Standard test block
Couplant 1 Probes
AA battery 3  
TIME certificate 1  
Warranty card 1  
Instruction manual 1  

Download: TIME2190 Brochure



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Measuring range

0.20~500mm (depend on probe)

Display resolution

0.001 mm, 0.01 mm or 0.1 mm

Sound velocity range

508 m/s~18699m/s


5M probe and above: 0.03mm
2M probe and below: 0.1mm

Display screen

Color TFT LCD, 320x240 pixels

Gain range

0-99dB, 1dB step

Pulse Generator

Adjustable Square Wave Pulse Generator

Emission voltage

60V, 110V, 150V, 200V optional

Emission pulse width

varies with transducer frequency

Frequency range

0.5 Mhz~20Mhz

Measurement rate

standard (4Hz), fast (20Hz)

Transducer settings

10 sets of fixed setting and 22 sets of custom setting

Data Storage

500 data files, each capable of storing 1000 measurements and waveforms




three AA battery or NiMH batteries

Working temperature


Weight (g)



187mm×87 mm×43 mm


 Transducer Measurement Range



Guide to TIME2190 Digital Thickness Gauge with A/B Scan


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