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Metallographic Equipment Updated
We have never stopped our efforts to improve our products. Recently, our upgraded metallographic equipment goes online, including sample cutting machine, grinding and polishing machine, and sample mou
Comparison Between TIME Roughness Tester and Other Brands
Comparison Between TIME Roughness Testers and Other Brands
New Demo Videos of Hardness Testers Uploaded
We uploaded new demo videos of hardness testers to our webiste. They are availble on Video as follows.
TIME Testing Instrument Shown on CCTV Once Again
Recently, our TIME3200 (also named TR200) surface roughness tester was shown on CCTV1 in a special program celebrating Labor Day.
New Website Design
2019-03-29 14:22
As you may have noticed, we have upgraded our website with totally new UI design and style. More importantly, the new website is mobile friendly and easier to read on your mobile phone.
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