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Bend Fatigue Testing Machine PQW-1500
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Bend Fatigue Testing Machine PQW-1500

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Product Details

● PQW-1500 is mainly consists of load frame, display unit, control unit, test attachment, etc..

The load frame adopts vertical welding structure design, which is easily to install specimen. Rotating drive force adopts variable frequency speed-controlling motor to realize stepless speed adjusting. Drive motor is installed inside the frame to make the whole structure more compact. The specimen installed part equips protection cover to guarantee the safety. Bend loading method adopts servo electric cylinder loading, imported load cell measures loading force, load cell adopts anti-fatigue type load cell to meet the requested long time fatigue life. Centering device makes the specimen installed more convenient. Run out measuring mechanism of main shaft measures its centering situation via displacement sensor to guarantee the test result is accurate and reliable, and at the same time it can test the bend situation of main shaft during test to realize the function of emergency stop of wheel drum fatigue damage.

● By configured with heavy-current control box, it completes the drive control to motor.

● Computer control unit uses special controller to complete signal amplify as well as A/D conversion of load cell. The computer software is on Windows basis with the function of dynamic display test load, store and output test report. The report can be printed by printer.

● This machine equips many kinds of safety protection function, the software can set up test times stop, specimen broken stop, overload stop, offset to reach main shaft stop, etc.. The safety protection cover is installed on the top of machine.


It meets the standards of ISO8644:2006, QC/T211-1996, QC/T212-1996, JASO T 203-85, ISO8644-1988, ISO8645-1988, GB/T6147-92


It is mainly used to do rolling bend fatigue testing of Motorcycle or Light Motorcycle. It adopts electric measure, stepless adjusting test speed, fast and effectively installing grips. It is provided with output to computer to realize extended function.


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Max. bend torque


Max. test force


Wheel rim width

1.25’’ – 8’’

Measuring accuracy of rotation speed


Basic length of arm

700mm (adjustable)

Range of rotation

0 – 800 r/min

Display of rotation speed and accumulated test times


Diameter of tested wheel

10 – 19 inch

Power of motor


Radial run out of rotating disc


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