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Digital Displayed Compression Testing Machine TIME YES-1000
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Digital Displayed Compression Testing Machine TIME YES-1000

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Product Details

YES-1000 is mainly used to test the anti-compress strength of brick, stone, cement and concrete.

Driving system

Manual screw control 

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic oil in oil tank goes into the oil route by motor which driving the high pressures pump. The oil goes into the oil cylinder through unilateral valve, high pressure oil filter, pressure difference valves group, servo valves.

Control system

The system consists of manual valve, oil pressure sensor, display and analysis system. The system has good reliability and can meet the daily tests of cement and concrete.

Safety setting

It has overload protection and automatic stop of oil pump when test load more than 3% of max capacity.

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Max capacity (kN): 1000

Load range (kN): 40-1000

Relative error of load display: ≤±1% of display value

Resolution of load: 0.01kN

Rating pressure of Oil pump: 40MPa

Size of compression plates: 280*280

Space between two plates: 350mm

space between column: 280mm

Stroke of piston: 80mm

Cylinder height200mm

Power of motor: 3 phases,380V 0.75kW

Weight: 750Kg

Machine dimension: 800×500×1300mm

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