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Operation Stand TIMEA531 for UCI Hardness Tester
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Operation Stand TIMEA531 for UCI Hardness Tester

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Product Details

TIME®A531 operation stand is one of the important accessories for TIME®5630 ultrasonic hardness tester. It can easily adjust the height of the ultrasonic hardness tester probe to adapt to different sizes of tested workpieces. When the ultrasonic hardness tester is operated by hand, it has higher requirements for the operator, and it is necessary to master the correct operation method to obtain the accurate measurement value. The use of this operation stand can avoid measurement errors caused by human factors and greatly improve the stability of the measured value of the ultrasonic hardness tester. Therefore, it is advised to use the ultrasonic hardness tester with this portable stand.

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Standard Delivery
●Operation stand 1
●Clamping sleeve 1


Technical Specifications

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