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TIME2113 tests on the standard blocks.
TIME®2110/2113 is a basic and affordable ultrasonic thickness gage designed for non-destructive testing. It is light (weight 140g), easy to use and accurate. Despite its compact size, TIME®2110/2113 ultrasonic thickness gauge supports automatic non-linear compensation with computer software to correct the non-linear errors of the probe for the purpose of improving the accuracy.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TIME®2190 with A/B scan measures the step blocks through coating.
TIME2190 Tests the Concrete Thickness
You Never Know What TIME2190 Can Do. Ever since the release of TIME2190 digital thickness meter with A/B scan, it surprises us again and again with its tremendous applications.
TIME 2190 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Applications
Our new ultrasonic thickness Gauge TIME2190 with A/B scan. It can be used for measuring complicated cases such as fiberglass, LLDPE and so on. Widely used in fields like tank, automotive, the third-party inspection, oil & gas.
TIME® 2131 Online Thickness Measurement
TIME®2131 is an innovative and intelligent ultrasonic thickness equipment with built-in WIFI module. It can get connected to phone or computer via WIFI and realizes remote control.
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Since the first Leeb hardness tester in China was developed by TIME Group Inc., we have been devoted to producing the best testing instruments for over 30 years. Now TIME is not only a reliable manufacturer of precision measuring equipments, but also an expert in providing solutions for a wide variety of industries. Some examples inlucde:

Yoke Flaw Detection
Common roll flaw detection methods.
Application of Roughness Tester in Automotive Industry.
Surface Roughness Ra, Rz, Ry