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TIME5432 Shore AO Hardness Tester
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TIME5432 Shore AO Hardness Tester

As a new member of TIME543X series Shore hardness testers, TIME5432 has the same appearance and basic functions with TIME543X series. It is equipped with the AO type indenter to test the hardness of soft materials such as low hardness rubber and sponge. When the Shore A hardness is less than 20HA, it is advised to test the specimen with TIME5432 Shore AO hardness tester.
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Product Details


  • Digital Shore AO hardness tester is mainly used to test soft materials like low hardness rubber and sponge.
  • It adopts LVDT displacement sensor, which is accurate and can work in harsh environment with the humidity of 90%RH.
  • The OLED screen clearly shows the hardness value. Menu operation.
  • Automatic Zero point calibration.
  • Three work modes to meet varied testing requirements: real-time, peak-value-lock and timing-lock. The lock modes can guarantee the reading rules and reduce the human reading errors.
  • In peak-value-lock mode, the instrument can automatically lock the peak hardness value.
  • In timing-lock mode, the user can set the timing duration from 1 to 60 seconds. The instrument automatically starts timing and automatically locks the measured value.
  • In the lock modes, the upper and lower limits of the measured value can be preset, and a prompt is displayed when out of the limit, which is convenient for batch detection. It also has the function of calculating the average value and automatically removing gross errors.
  • Store 200 average lock values.
  • Optional software is offered to transfer the test data to PC via USB in the format of Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • It can work continuously for over 24 hours.
  • Voltage display and low-voltage prompt.
  • Auto shut down and the function is adjustable.
  • Operation stand is selectable to enhance the stability of the test.


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Technical Specifications

  • Hardness scale: AO
  • Testing range: 0~100HAO
  • Tolerance: ≤±1HAO (20~90HAO)
  • Resolution: 0.1HAO
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery


Standard Delivery

  • Main unit
  • Median test block
  • Charger


Optional Delivery

  • Software
  • Communication cable
  • Operation stand


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