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TIME5432C Shore Hardness Tester for Microporous Materials
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TIME5432C Shore Hardness Tester for Microporous Materials

TIME5432C is a derivative of TIME5432 Shore AO Durometer. It also adopts the AO type indenter, but has a rectangular press foot. It is designed to test microporous materials for shoes made of rubber and plastic when the compression is 50% and the stress is 0.049 MPa or more.
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Product Details


  • Digital hardness tester for microporous materials for shoes made of rubber and plastic.
  • It adopts LVDT displacement sensor, which is accurate and can work in harsh environment with the humidity of 90%RH.
  • The OLED screen clearly shows the hardness value. Menu operation.
  • Automatic Zero point calibration.
  • Three work modes to meet varied testing requirements: real-time, peak-value-lock and timing-lock. The lock modes can guarantee the reading rules and reduce the human reading errors.
  • In peak-value-lock mode, the instrument can automatically lock the peak hardness value.
  • In timing-lock mode, the user can set the timing duration from 1 to 60 seconds. The instrument automatically starts timing and automatically locks the measured value.
  • In the lock modes, the upper and lower limits of the measured value can be preset, and a prompt is displayed when out of the limit, which is convenient for batch detection. It also has the function of calculating the average value and automatically removing gross errors.
  • Store 200 average lock values.
  • Optional software is offered to transfer the test data to PC via USB in the format of Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • It can work continuously for over 24 hours.
  • Voltage display and low-voltage prompt.
  • Auto shut down and the function is adjustable.
  • Operation stand is selectable to enhance the stability of the test.
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Technical Specifications

  • Hardness scale: Asker-c
  • Testing range: 0~100Hc
  • Tolerance: ≤±1Hc (20~90Hc)
  • Resolution: 0.1Hc
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery


Standard Delivery

  • Main unit
  • Median test block
  • Charger


Optional Delivery

  • Software
  • Communication cable
  • Operation stand
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